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We are expecting some services will continue to experience disruption until the cessation of Covid 19 (our estimate is January 2022) but enquiries are still most welcome!


Splash specializes in the design, manufacture, sourcing and marketing of Relocatable Buildings and Structures.  


Our portfolio includes Fabric Arch Shelters, Industrial Tents, Flat Pack Panel Structures, Pop Up Expanding and Folding Shelters, Flat Pack Container Structures and Converted Sea Containers, plus a growing number of innovative fixed and relocatable solutions. 


Please stay safe!

Splash Structures Global

 Industries Served:  Aviation, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Camp Ground, Construction, Entertainment, Equestrian, Events, Entertainment, Exhibition, Health, Kiosks, Logistics, Livestock, Markets, Marine, Mining, Recreational Vehicle, Parks and Recreation, Railway, Rural, Retail, Shipping, Shops, Speedway, Sports, Storage, Tourism, Weddings, Warehousing, Zoology and many other private and industrial uses.

Australian Websites are now combined into :  https://www.splashportablebuildings.com    

Portable Buildings

Fast Build, Relocatable and Safe.

Splash Portable Buildings range from simple Folding and Flat Pack Steel Container Structures to  massive Steel Frame Panel Buildings.

Splash Portable Buildings are prefabricated structures that are shipped as a kit for on-site assembly.  They share the convenience of being fully relocatable.

Converted Sea Container Structures make excellent relocatable buildings,  fabricated for many uses from storage sheds to site offices and dwellings and can look extremely smart.  Splash offers the choice of custom build in Australia or China.

Tiny Homes (Polly Houses) are a series of downsized residences have been designed for resorts and villages.

Splash Shelters are a series of hard top structures that range from shade shelters to fully enclosed sheds and warehouses.



Fabric Structures

Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness

Fabric Arch Shelters (Soft Tops) are engineered industrial strength, tensioned membrane, fabric structures that are manufactured from galvanized steel frames and synthetic fabrics (PVC, PE or Shade Cloth).

Fabric Container Shelters are PVC Canopies designed to utilize Sea Containers as support.  Excellent option to recycle containers for a fully relocatable structure that is used for aircraft and helicopter hangars, vehicle and machine storage, paint bays, welding shelters and worksite shade.

Aluminum Industrial and Event Tents are a range of traditional Aluminium and Steel frame tents and marquees that are perfect for Events, Parties and some Industrial Applications.  

Splash Air brands our new range of Inflatable Buildings (Splash Air Arch) and Floating LTA Structures (Air Roofs,Cranes and Blimps) that we bring to you in 2020.  European and Australian Designs and Engineering.



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