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Not The New Kid On The Block


Splash Structures has marketed, sold and installed relocatable structures since 2003.  We, is presently our CEO, (Pauline Douglas) plus an entourage of factories, designers, engineers, international sales and installation partners..    

Splash Marketing began in Sydney in 1991.  Splash Structures is one of the Groups innovations.  Covid 19 has brought about some changes to our structure and some exciting innovations are on their way for 2021/22.

About Us

Industries Served:  Aviation, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Camp Ground, Construction, Entertainment, Equestrian, Events, Entertainment, Exhibition, Health, Kiosks, Logistics, Livestock, Markets, Marine, Mining, Recreational Vehicle, Parks and Recreation, Railway, Rural, Retail, Shipping, Shops, Speedway, Sports, Storage, Tourism, Weddings, Warehousing, Zoology and many other private and industrial users.

Changing With The Times

Pop Up Portable Buildings

Splash worked hard to develop a variety of pop up portable structures we expect to be able to release Chinese New Year 2022. They are a genius invention, we have several designs for different functions, including an Australian version designed and manufactured in Australia.

Fabric Structures

Splash will hand back the Caishen Arch Shelter range of Fabric Structures (manufactured in China) back to our Chinese Partners.  We believe the day of the international middleman to China is over -  they will now sell direct. 

Splash will return to our roots where we began as Fabric Structures Consultants and Installers, with a world of fabric solutions to take advantage of.  We have already begun to create relationships with USA, Canada and Europe.

Hurry Up 2022!

Whats New At Splash

Lighter Than Air (LTA Structures)

Splash will take a massive leap into the future by adding technologically advanced Inflatable Buildings and other inflatable concepts to our Portfolio, as soon as Covid 19 is under control. 

Marketed under the "Splash Air" Brand expect to see extraordinary offerings from our own and internationally acclaimed engineers.  Enormous Inflatable Sports Halls and Pavilions. Highly portable and robust Shade Structures for mining, earth moving and other industries on the move.  Inflatables will be sourced and manufactured in Europe and Australia

Hydrogen Gas will be a key part of these changes and we can expect a vast number of innovations to be announced in 2022.  Hydrogen Engine Technology is about to explode, bringing a host of new solutions for vehicles, marine and aircraft.  Lighter Than Air (LTA) is considered as one of those solutions, and Splash began this journey in Berlin with Jurassic Floating Cranes that can carry up to 1000 ton - to conduct many useful tasks.  


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