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21M x30M (69 x100ft) Ground

Multi Styles 21M x 30M (69 x 100 foot) Fabric Ground Shelters
Multi Styles 21x21 Meter (66 - 69 foot) Fabric Ground SheltersMulti Styles 21x21 Meter (66 - 69 foot) Fabric Ground Shelters
Base price US$38,000.00
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21 Meter Wide (69 foot) x 30 Meter Long (100 foot) Ground Shelters Fabric Structures

Galvanized Steel Tube Arch Shelters ArchGrd-21

Ground Arch Shelters are our range of Steel Frame Industrial Strength Tents. Optional Shapes include Dome, Hull and Catenary..

Arch Shelters are manufactured from single or double truss steel tube.  We provide the option of frame styles, however double tube is always used for taller and high wind shelters.

Thanks to new steel tube bending technologies, our flexible design parameters allow you to choose from a wider range of apex heights.  Installers will be delighted with our wrap across canopies for joining into infinite length structures.

  • Optimum Structure Lengths up to 24 Meters. (Wrap across for longer)
  • Optional Apex where viable, is up to 10 meters. 
  • Optional Clear Span (single tube) or Truss (Double Tube)  is available on request. 

Arch Shelter fabrics include attractive and high performance Polyethylene and PVC covers from Korea,or environmentally minded, none toxic, and recyclable canopies from Australia.

21 Meter Wide Catenary Ground Hangar21 Meter Wide Truss Dome Sports Hall 21 Meter Wide Truss Hangar Shelter

21 Meter Hull Arch Shelter21 Meter Wide Truss Hull Shelter


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