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Fabric Structures and Buildings

Splash classifies our Fabric Structures into five (5) categories,  Tents,  Arch Shelters, Tensile, Hybrid and Inflatable.  We position ourselves in the medium to large custom design and niche fabric structure business.

Fabric Structures range from simple shade shelters to massive membranes for event pavilions and grandstands.  Fabrics are most commonly PVC, PE (Cotton backed Polyethylene) plus many varieties of Canvas and Shade Cloth for recreational, industry and agriculture need.

Inflatable Buildings and Structures

Vast, Delightful, Easy To Freight and Install

Inflatable Structures are the latest addition to the new Splash Air Division. Small to massive inflatable buildings, shade shelters, novelty structures and floating roofs are just some of the concepts that will be included when borders open.

Inflatable Halls have been popular in Europe for many decades and most commonly used for Sports (Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Rinks). Designed and manufactured in Italy Splash brings this technology to the South Pacific.

Splash Air introduces Air Arches (inflatable Arch Shelters) and LTA (Lighter than air vehicles and cranes) for 2022.

Fabric Arch Shelters

  • Dome Arch Shelter

    Dome Arch Shelter

  • Sports Fabric Structures

    Sports Fabric Structures

  • Container Shelters

    Container Shelters

  • Arch Shelter Mountable

    Arch Shelter Mountable

  • Tunnel Sheds and Greenhouses

    Tunnel Sheds and Greenhouses

  • Arch Shelter Hangars

    Arch Shelter Hangars

Fabric Structures and Buildings

Functional Warehousing

Fabric Structures implies any structure that is principally a PVC or PE fabric. Splash Fabric Structures are especially sourced or manufactured to the specific needs of the customer. 

Industrial Tents are traditional heavy duty PVC Structures popular for sports, events, entertainment and warehousing.

Custom Design Fabric Structures cover a wide spectrum of uses, e.g. Grandstands, Sports Pavilions, Aircraft Hangars, Helicopter Shade, Storage Warehouses, Work Shade Structures and Sail Structures.

Inflatable Spaces

  • Euro Inflatable Sports Spaces

    Euro Inflatable Sports Spaces

  • Floating Roof Canopies

    Floating Roof Canopies

  • Small Inflatable Structures

    Small Inflatable Structures

  • Euro Inflatable Structures

    Euro Inflatable Structures

Arch Shelters


Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness


Fabric Arch Shelters (Soft Tops) are industrial strength, "tensioned membrane", fabric structures that are manufactured from galvanized steel frames and synthetic fabrics (PVC, PE or Shade Cloth).

Arch Shelters are designed to be stronger and more useful for heavy duty working sites and extreme weather environments.

Arch Shelters are engineered to satisfy Australian & New Zealand Building Codes, which exceed IBC (International Building Codes)


Big Fabric Spaces

  • Rural Shelters

    Rural Shelters

  • Entertainment Structures

    Entertainment Structures

  • Geodesic Domes

    Geodesic Domes

  • Industrial Tents

    Industrial Tents

  • Fabric Pavilions

    Fabric Pavilions


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