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Fabric Structures

About Splash Fabrics Structures

Fabric Structures is the term that generalises structures that are either fully or partially Fabric.  Fabric Structures range from simple shade shelters to massive tensioned membranes for event pavilions and grandstands.  Fabrics are most commonly PVC, PE (Cotton backed Polyethylene) plus many varieties of Shade Cloth. 

Splash classifies our Fabric Structures into four (4) categories,  Tents,  Arch Shelters, Tensile and Hybrid.  We position ourselves in the medium to large custom design and niche fabric structure business.   

Tents are traditionally for temporary and/or fair weather uses.  Tents most commonly incorporate a none tensile cover and tensioned using wire and/or rope.

Industrial Tents particularly aluminium have become more cleverly designed luxury item in past decades, and have found their place around the world as permanently sited buildings and roofs for large warehouses, packing sheds, hangars and event pavilions. 

Arch Shelters are galvanized steel, shade or fully enclosed fabric structures that utilise membrane tensioning as part of their design.  Fabrics are moderately tensile, incorporating some of the technology of tensile fabrics to add strength to the structure.  Arch Shelters are designed or and approved by registered structural engineers to ensure that they meet Building Codes of European countries.   Some of our heavy-duty designs are suited to Hurricane/Cyclone Regions up to winds of 327 kph.

Tensile Fabric Structures make use of specialised fabric elasticity, that permits interesting and decorative roof and shade designs. Popular ornamental designs include peaks, sail, cornet and multi shapes that are mostly found on public areas as decorative shade structures for public places, e.g. stadiums, pavillions, galleries, swimming pools, malls and facades.

Hybrid Fabric Structures are those that incorporate some or all of the traditional fabric structures merged with newer innovations. Some of the fascinating concepts in this world include inflatable buildings, flying structures (balloons, airships), sonic and acoustics structures.

Common Uses Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures Industries

  • Agricultural and Rural
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Aviation
  • Boat
  • Construction
  • Earth Moving 
  • Equestrian
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Mining Oil and Gas
  • Railways and Trams
  • Shipping
  • Sports
  • Warehousing

Fabric Structures Uses


  • Agricultural and Livestock Shelters
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Aviation Workshops & Maintenance
  • Basketball Netball Pavilions
  • Boat Sheds
  • Bus, Truck and Equipment Shelters
  • Concrete Fabrication Shade
  • Emergency Shelter and Housing
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Fish Ponds Shade
  • Exhibition Pavilions
  • Hay Barns and Farm Sheds
  • Helicopter Maintenance


  • Indoor Sports - Soccer, Cricket and Hand Balls
  • Marine Yacht and Ship Maintenance
  • Market Stalls, Kiosks and Halls
  • Mining Site Shelters and Workshops
  • Produce Packing Sheds
  • Paint Spray Booths and Bays
  • Portable Aircraft Hangars
  • Resort Structures
  • Sports Pavilions and Domes
  • Stock Yard Shade and Buildings
  • Tennis Domes and Shade
  • Transport Docks and Loading
  • Water Treatment Shade
  • Warehouses Small to Mega Size
  • Work Site Shelters and Amenities



Splash Brands


A known Australian financial trickster, already jailed twice for fraud has turned up in Pacific portable structures and fabric structures.  We caution purchasers and manufacturers about this notorious operator who will have another day in court in June 2018.  Brooks is very good at getting good people to do bad things and will likely take a host of people down with him yet again..