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Tensile Membrane

Tensile Fabrics

The elasticity of tensile fabrics matched with the creative minds of the engineers is what produces the interesting and ornamental designs of tensile membrane fabric structures.  

Steel Pole Tents are our fun range of pole tents and marquees, that use the traditional method of pole, cable and pegs for tensioning.  These tents can be manufactured into sizeable structures, including multi color Circus Tents.

Steel Pole Tents can be an open sided marquee, with or without an ornate trim,  with optional  fire retardent side fabric walls.  We offer the choice of plain PVC, with or without decorative windows, or clear PVC.  Most fabric walls give the option of being removed, slide curtain or rolled up/down. 

Steel Pole Tents will brighten up any party or event, without breaking the bank.

Tensile Membrane Structures

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Steel Sports and Events Pavilions

Ideal for Sports and Events we offer a delightful range of pavilions, designed especially for Splash,  to offer a cost effect entertainment structures in sizes 20, 30, 40, 50 up to 100 meters in width, any length. Structures can be upgraded to manage Hurricane/Cyclones up to 287kph (Region B).   Our target for these structures are schools and sports clubs, i.e. lawn bowls, tennis, basket ball, soccer, and other community facilities seeking a well priced solution.

Manufactured and despatched directly from our Asia factory, you will need 1-2 weeks for manufacture and 3 weeks for shipping.  Allow extra time if you are ordering for a major holiday event like Christmas or Ramadan, so you don't miss out due to the seasonal rush.



Splash Brands


A known Australian financial trickster, already jailed twice for fraud has turned up in Pacific portable structures and fabric structures.  We caution purchasers and manufacturers about this notorious operator who will have another day in court in June 2018.  Brooks is very good at getting good people to do bad things and will likely take a host of people down with him yet again..