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Pop Up Cabins

Pop Up Cabins

Splash Transformers - Pop Up Cabins that go up in just minutesThere are several types of structures that are classified as Pop Up, but we believe our structures really do pop up, and in only just a few minutes.

We have Pop Up Sea Container Cabins - they lend themselves to the name pop up, but they just turn up one day and are ready to use.  Our Folding Containers and Cabins however, short of having a spring device to manipulate them - really do pop up from a flat pack - and it take s a little bit of convincing that they go up quicker than a tent.

Our pop up cabins are not designer style structures, they are more suited to industry and circumstances that need shelter quickly.  I would dearly love to get them into the military and refugee world they could really benefit.

Flat Pack Pop Up Cabins that go up in just minutes  Folding Pop Up Cabins that go up in just minutes



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