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Portable Buildings

A World On The Move.   Portable and Relocatable Buildings are not new, but they are on the increase.  Uncertain economies deem it sensible to be able to relocate buildings and structures, even if just for selling. 

Industries On The Move, e.g. Mining, Rural, Events, Markets, Shops & Kiosks, Trades, Aviation, Roadworks etc continue to benefit from deploying relocatable structures.

An Aging Boomer Population is preparing to downsize to manageable homes in gorgeous country settings, more retirement villages will be needed, particularly to support those that do not have wealth.  Then suddenly within 30 years they will be all gone, leaving behind a glut of infrastructure. 

Relocatable is good!

Converted Sea Containers

New or used Container Conversions

Sea Containers convert brilliantly into structures of many kinds. Dwellings, Offices, Shops, Cafes and Kiosks, Swimming Pools, and much more. 

Brand New Fully Converted Sea Container Shelters (insulation, windows, doors, balconies, bathrooms and w.c.) are available from the China direct. Still more cost effective than converting recycled containers locally in the West.

Splash also offers Australian based Conversions, and there are now many price, quality and flexibility reasons to look at this option more closely..

Expandable Buildings

Fast Install Offices Storage Dwellings

Expandable Buildings also known as Splash Transformers, Pop Up Container Shelters and Folding Houses .. are a clever Chinese innovation.  They are quick to install and range from fast, easy install to highly portable (up to 1000 installations).

Expandable Shelters and Buildings are manufactured from Insulated Galvanized Steel Walls and Roofing, some designs offering container like twist locks permitting stacking into complexes.  Popular on mining and earth moving sites, roadworks, markets, events and for general site shelters.

Relocatable Container Shelters

Flat Pack Structures

Modular Convenience Speedy Installs

Flat Pack Structures come in many shapes and sizes - from small cabins, quaint villas, tiny cottages to vast modular hangars and warehouse structures.

Splash offers a variety of turn key Flat Pack Solutions direct from China, via our Retail Catalog, geared mainly to owner installers and contractors. 

Custom Design Services Factories are available to design and manufacture structures and buildings to suit customers individual needs,  Quantities may apply.


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